Semalt Expert: Blocking Bot Traffic In Google Analytics Once And For All

If you are regularly using Google Analytics, you probably want to know how to get quality traffic to your website. When it comes to real human traffic, there are some search engine optimization and social media techniques to take care of. Recently, it has been reported that bots and fake traffic account for fifty percent of all traffic on a typical site. We hope that most of this traffic gets eliminated from Google Analytics with a variety of tools and techniques.

Previously, it was simple to get rid of bots, and we were sure that bots would never process JavaScript. Google Analytics itself uses JavaScript, so bots cannot be shown up in Google Analytics. But now, the trend has been changed as the hackers are now far more clever than ever and know all the techniques to ruin your website. Plus, with the proliferation of jQuery, single and double-page websites and applications can easily be taken over by the hackers. Nowadays, a bot can process JavaScript and all of its relevant files, thus harming your Google Analytics as well as its reports. In the same way, it can damage the web browsers, bringing non-human traffic to your websites. If today's search engines and crawlers do not process JavaScript, most of the non-human traffic can be gotten rid of, and the bot traffic can quickly be eliminated. However, it looks like this is not possible since JavaScript is a must for search engines as well as Google Analytics.

Max Bell, the leading expert from Semalt, provides some helpful issues in this regard.

There are both evil smart bots and positive bots that keep on crawling your site and its content for their own malicious purposes. Some of the bots crawl your sites to wreak havoc on the web servers and increase the expenses of site owners.

It would not be wrong to say that Google search engine bots are excluded from Google Analytics, and you don't need to change their settings manually. However, the other types of bots are difficult to deal with and do not follow the directives that have been outlined in the website's robots.txt files, or in the meta tags. They keep on crawling your web pages and give you awful results. Good bots, however, prevent requests from being sent to the servers of Google Analytics to keep your site safe and protected. These days, the bad bots account for over thirty percent of all web traffic, according to reports by Incapsula. It has become mandatory to find out a solution so that we can filter out the bad bots from our Google Analytics and its reports. This will save both our data and our website from the fake traffic as well as bots.

What Can Be Done About It?

There are different strategies to eliminate bots from Google Analytics. Some of the things you should bear in mind are:

1.You should always check the box in the Admin View section to remove both known and unknown bots.

2.You should eliminate bots as well as block their IP addresses.

3.You can get rid of bots with the help of user agents, which ensure to make the identification process easier and faster.

With these things in mind, you can easily save your site from the possible bots.